Sandbach is a great place but it has problems that need to be improved. In order to do this Sandbach needs better representation on Cheshire East Council.

I am Matt Wood and I am standing for election in 2019.

I would like YOUR vote to make Sandbach an even better place to live.

The many problems which impact on Sandbach and Elworth are principally driven by what I consider to be poor governance.

Read on to find out more about the issues which I believe are important to Sandbach and Elworth.


Matt Wood recently stood as an Independent for Sandbach Town Council on these main points:

  • Demanding Cheshire East (CE) Council spends the £286,000 of Section 106 money on Elworth now.
  •  Working to deliver on better roads, pedestrian crossings and cycle ways.
  • Ensuring an effective Air Quality Management Plan is put in place
    by CE Council to protect our environment

In 2019 Matt Wood needs your vote to be elected
onto Cheshire East Council.


This is an example of the type of action that needs addressing in the council and why Matt  wishes to stand as an independant councillor.

In June Matt wrote to the Chronicle newspaper raising concerns about trust in organisations, in particular the local council.

Private eye article CE Council May 2018 – concerning bullying in the council

Trust? letter to the Chronicle June 2018

CE Council Magnificent Seven October 2018 – Private Eye Article

Local bus services and the elderly

Matt has recently written to the local Chronicle newspaper raising concerns over the impact of changes to local bus services on the elderly, and suggest ways we could improve them.

Bus services and the elderley -Letter to the Chronicle October 2018

Tpumpkinhis was prompted by a conversation with a local resident which was initially about an entirely different subject..pumpkins!



Road Congestion and Air Quality

The road congestion and air quality need to be addressed.

traffic queues

This photograph shows some of the frequent queueing in Sandbach.

Air Quality for School Children

Clean air day children school walking environment – unicef

Road Condition


Matt has recently written to the chronicle and to our local MP Fiona Bruce concerning the dire state of our roads, starting with the large number of potholes on our roads.

Road condition letter.

Pot hole 3Pot hole 2

Here is an excerpt of the letter..

“In my opinion there are a number of roads within Cheshire East which are by way of their age, surface, camber and geography are inherently dangerous to all road users yet victims and their families stand no chance of legal redress through the courts using one of the Highways Acts.

We need brand new trunk roads with few bends, better surfaces, fewer intersections and we desperately need a new M6 in Cheshire East yet there are no new trunk roadsand the M6 “improvement” is years late and a bad joke on frustrated motorists.”

White lining

White Lining has been neglected and yet this simple feature helps traffic to flow around our streets.

Praise for the rail trail

In June Matt wrote to the council praising the great condition of the popular rail trail starting at Ettiley Heath and continuing on to Malkins Bank.

Rail trail path

Rail Trail
The Salt Line Rail Trail

Matt’s not claiming to be  perfect

Matt had to go on a speed awareness course which he is quite happy to admit to but also wants to raise the probems caused by the condition of our roads.

Road condition and Speed Awareness

Pot hole 2A Sandbach
Pot hole 1 Sandbach

Pot Hole 3a Pot hole 4Pot hole 4A


I am married to Elaine with two grown up children.  We have lived in Sandbach since 1985, both our children attended the local schools for their education.

We have served as parental governers for primary and secondary schools. Elaine is a retired environmental scientist, and I work for Easyjet out of Manchester airport and understands the difficulties in commuting.

I am proud of living in Sandbach and there are many things that are very good about Sandbach but there are also things I feel need addressing.